Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Milestones!

So, all week I was frustrated that Meadow would not walk for me. Everyone from the daycares she goes to--to DH told me how good of a walker she is. What? She won't walk to me...Well, Friday she finally started walking when I am around. She really has to concentrate on what she is doing, but still it is a big accomplishment. She has also started climbing. That happened last week end. She climbed on a booster seat that was at grandma and grandpa's house. She also climbed up the stairs. I am aware she was doing it at daycare too, but we don't have many toys for her to climb on.

So, we ended up bringing home a chair, which she likes to stand on. It is made of plastic, so today DH decided to buy her a plush chair. We were afraid that she would fall off the plastic chair, because it is not so stable. She seems to like to lounge in her new chair though.

Also, her top two teeth have been giving her problems for about the past month. What was really frustrating is that we could see them about to break skin for a few weeks now. Today, one finally broke through. It must have happened last night, because it wasn't there when I put her to hopefully the next will make an appearance soon.