Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Newborn Class and Doctor Appointment

On Saturday DH and I took a newborn care class. I am not really sure we got what we wanted out of the class. The nurse teaching the class is the nursery nurse and basically told us what to expect once we give birth. The class covered the first 28 days of life. At least I am not nervous about what to expect at the hospital. We do have our bags packed, now. I got the pack an play up in our room, washed the clothes, and started working on the wall hangings. DH is going to work this week to get the big stuff out of her room. I am finally starting to feel more prepared to have the baby.

My doctor appointment went well today. I am measuring perfectly for how far along I am (approx 35-26 weeks). The doctor is pretty sure she is head down already. I am not dilated or effaced yet.

Miischka is doing much better. DH is taking her on Thursday to get her stitches out and for a follow up. Her and Dazie are playing much better together. I missed it, but last night DH said that they were chewing on the same bone.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nesting and updates

Tuesday, I came home, and had to double check to make sure I was in the right house. The interior of my house is clean! DH spent 6 hours cleaning the house! I was so proud of him, I really wish there was something I could do to show my appreciation toward him. Actually, I think I have been showing him a lot by getting him special things like a big cookie (we normally get one for birthdays or other special occasions).

DH did leave me a list of things he wanted me to do: clean up my scrapbooking mess off the dining room table, fold laundry, clean up the office, and call to tell him I love him. I got the scrapbooking mess organized and put away, laundry folded, and I called to tell him I love him. Tonight I tried to clean the office, but as I look around I am not sure I could clean and organize the office. My belly feels huge and uncomfortable, and my body is sore and tired. I have roughly 5 weeks left of this.

Anyway, if I get the office cleaned and organized DH said he build me a craft table. I think he is sick of my project mess. I wonder if he would understand why I don't have the office done. First of all there are some pretty heavy things I would need to move.

Well, I am off to at least put the clothes away.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who said dogs needed thumbs?

I call DH on the way home from work yesterday. On Fridays the dogs are alone longer than any other day of the week, because DH goes into work earlier. I told him I would stop home, let the dogs out, and go run some errands. I wanted to make sure he didn't need anything else. He said the dogs were fine, because he left them outside with a big bowl of water when he went to work.

I had to go home anyway, because I left some essential things at home that I needed for the errands (shopping list). Imagine my surprise when the two dogs greeted me at the door. It took me a minute to realize, they figured out how to open the patio door. Now, we make sure the door is locked when we let them out. It is not going to be fun trying to kill all the flies that got in, but I am so amazed at how intelligent my dogs are.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is it just me or is it everyone else too?

Is it really the new, cool, hip thing to be pregnant? It seems everywhere I look I see another pregnant woman. Am I just noticing this, because I am pregnant or is there a greater phenomenon going on that I am not aware? On a daily basis I see several pregnant women, and I am not counting my coworker who is pregnant. I am not complaining--I am just curious to what is causing the phenomenon? Well, there is the obvious cause...but is there something else? Have ppl gotten that bored?

A friend and I were talking today about pregnant people. Think of all the celebrities who are currently pregnant or recently had a baby. Think of the people on television who are pregnant (Abbie on ER, the people on 7th Heaven...). To top it off, everywhere I go I see a handful of pregnant people. Within a year in my neighborhood there will be 4 of us having babies. I think it is great, because my daughter will have kids to play with around her age--granted we all stay in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The third time in a month!?!?!?

Miischka's thoughts on going to the vet this morning for her surgery...
She peed on the sidewalk at the vet office. She couldn't wait to get to the grass. She then tucked her tail under herself. She was not a happy camper that I had to take her back.

I got upset, because I was not allowed to take her home tonight. We get to pick her up anytime tomorrow. They wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

They took her uterus and ovaries out. They looked at her bladder. For the most part everything looked fine. They are going to send the uterus and ovaries to a lab to get analyzed to try to figure out what caused the problems she was having.

I can't want to get my sweet girl back!

Monday, May 15, 2006

To the Vet Again...

Miischka has basically been bleeding on and off since the beginning of March. We thought she was in heat in March, but with the continual bleeding we were concerned. Two weeks ago DH took her in, and they found that she was bleeding due to what was in her intestines. She was put on antiboitics and a stool softener. It worked. The problem cleared up.

Two weeks later and still bleeding. I took her into the vet. Anyway, he looked at her girl parts and concluded she may have a cysts on her ovaries or uterus. He thought she had this since birth, and was causing her incontinece. Also, her body isn't properly producing a hormone that is suposed to regulate her heat cycle, so for the past two months she has been in the first stage of heat. There are four stages of the heat cycle. The vet is really hoping exploratory surgery will help find more answers and solve the issues we are having.

We are going to get her spayed. They are going to make sure there is nothing wrong with her anywhere else. They would also like to send her uterus and ovaries to a lab to test it, and get more answers to the issues she is having. Worst case scenario is she will need to be put on meds for the rest of her life, because the incontinence will come back. Best case scenario no more heat and no more pee to clean up!

Stalk and Pounce

Tomorrow, Miischka goes in for exploratory surgery. I don't know if I blogged about that or not yet. If I haven't I will.

Tonight, she was being so silly. I about missed the season finale of Grey's Antomy bceause she was being so entertaining. She was stalking Dazie, who was laying on the floor sleeping at first. It reminded me of a wild animal stalking prey. Then Miischka would pounce on her. Dazie didn't really react. Miischka goes back into stalk mode and pounce. This went on a few more times with Dazie not reacting. Then, Dazie finally "fought" back.

Then, both dogs started wrestling. Neither dog was making a sound. It was like they were still in hunt mode. As soon, as a left the area they were playing in they stopped. It seemed like they were doing it just for me! Like they thought the mama needed entertaining.

I would highly reccomend if you have one pet getting another--two pets playing with each other is so much entertaining than TV.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Prepared Childbirth Class

I have been struggling since my last entry to write. It is not that I don’t have an array of topics to write about—it is because I have been really lazy and nothing feels appropriate to write about. My topics I need to write about don’t match my mood. I am really trying to compile a blog that I will use for Meadow's scrapbook about preparing and awaiting for her arrival.
I went to an all day crop last week end, and got a good portion of scrapbook done.

Today, we took a class entitled Prepared Childbirth. The instructor went through the material fast, but they always give you the materials you can read through later. We really worked on relaxation techniques. The class started early, meaning DH and I both lost our opportunity to sleep in. The relaxation techniques really worked for me…I almost fell asleep, and had to struggle when we got home to get a few things done with out falling asleep. After I ate a very late lunch, I took a nap (from which I just awoke).

When I got home I immediately prepared our birthing plan. I need to run it by DH to make sure he is comfortable with it. I also need to prepare our relaxation materials so we can practice. I kept picturing our wedding day or our dogs playing with our little girl on the beach. I would like to get one of those relaxation CD’s or see if DH can download one off of the internet to store on his mp3 player.

There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the class. I really liked the instructor’s personality. She is one of the L&D nurses. I really like the staff at the hospital. I am really happy with the choice I made as to which hospital I am giving birth at—even though it is the furthest one from our house. Good thing the labor for first timers lasts the longest… We did cover vaginal birth and c-section. I am slightly disappointed that the c-section ratio at the hospital is 25-30%, but that is inline with the National average. I was assured that they only do a c-section if absolutely necessary. For example, if they can tell the baby won’t make it through my pelvis. Also, I found out that the L&D staff is pro-breastfeeding, and will have you feed right after the baby is born.

When we toured the birthing center, I saw my OB/GYN was on duty. Actually, I see many different ones in the practice, but by my OB/GYN I mean the one who I had my preliminary appointments with. When I go for my appointments, I try to sneak a peak at the on duty schedule for the doctors. There are only two doctors in the practice, I don’t really care for, but they are still good doctors. I just don’t really care for their personalities. They are the two oldest doctors in the practice. The other doctors in the practice are young. Many of them are parents to very young children, so they draw from their recent experiences. In fact, one doctor just got back from maternity leave and another is due about the time I am.

Anyway in the class today, out of 11 babies to be in the class 1 is a boy and 1 is a surprise. I thought that was interesting. It seems like there have been a lot of girl babies born in my neighborhood lately. I thought it was easier to make a boy…

I am not going to have a truly natural childbirth, but I am going to go as long as I can with out meds. I still need to do more research on which pain meds I will be willing to take. I am not really fond of the epidural or the taking IV meds for various reasons, so I will have to really weigh the pros and cons. I am also praying that I will not need a cut episiotomy, but will take it over a tear episiotomy. Basically, my plan is to be flexible and try different things to try to relax me during labor. I hope to try different positions during childbirth that will allow for gravity to take its place. CC, I have taken note from your blog to prepare myself for walking for long periods of time. They expressed the importance of walking during the first stage of labor today. They will allow me to bring in my yoga ball or birthing ball. They don’t have them, but they do recommend them.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Answering questions

CC, I am going to try my best to answer your questions.

The lady at work goes to what she calls an All Denominational Christian church. I have been to several different Christian churches, and the things happen in this particular church I have never seen performed in another church. My friend grew up Catholic. She said there were rituals performed through out the service that did not make sense. No one could explain why it was done. Basically, people were following through out the service the pastor with out understanding why they were doing something. To me it seems like the pastor treats everyone like they are pocessed by Satan. I think what made my friend uncomfortable is no one would help her understand what is going on.

There have been several times I have asked my coworker who attends this church why she believes certain things. There have been times were she has been unable to answer my questions. She knows I am in the process of finding myself spiritually. It seems she doesn’t really understand the Bible or where to go to get answers.

I feel the Bible was created so that we can understand and get to know God. I feel this particular church does not help it’s members create an understanding relationship with God.

Does that answer your questions?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Faith and Religon

I hope I can get everything said I wish to before I fall asleep.

Awhile ago DH and I started studying the Bible together. We would like to improve our moral compass before the baby comes. We are doing it with a couple of our neighbors. We have gone a couple of times to their religious service. Since we have been studying the Bible together, I have noticed that we have become closer in our relationship. We have been communicating more easily, also.

I have noticed some changes in myself personally. I have noticed that I have become more empathetic. I actually, received a compliment from a coworker today. She is having some personal issues. I have been in a similar experience about three years ago. Actually, I could really put myself in her shoes. I think with what I have learned since studying the Bible has helped me help her stay calm. I haleped her figure out the different solutions to solve her problems. Tonight, I gave her a ride home from work. She couldn't stop thanking me for being understanding.

We also talked about religion together. She went to church with another coworker over the week end. She said there were some rituals that took place that scared her. I don't think a religious service should scare some one. I shared with her some of my religious beliefs--now that I am exploring my religion and spirituality. I think it made her more comfortable knowing, that there are a lot of organized religions that have a lot of unlogical ascpects to them. She knows that I do not believe in anything that is not logical.

There are some more aspects I would like to explore with DH. I would like to start praying with him. I know this is going to be hard, because of our different schedules. I know we have some varying beliefs, so I would like to have deeper conversations about those. I am really proud of him, because he has taken it upon himself to do more research into the specific things he doesn't understand. I have "caught" him several times studying the Bible...on his own, with no persuading from me. He gets upset when he can't make it to any of our religious studies. I really love the initiative he is taking.

I think one thing that really connects DH and I is that we enjoy learning about other people's cultures, so we can better understand where others are coming from. I love his openmindness, and he loves that about me too.

He is sometimes reluctant to tell me certain things, because he thinks I will get upset. Once he tells me, and I am cool with what he told me, he is surprised. He says he loves how I don't get bent out of shape about certain things that other women would. People he works with are jealous of how OK with things I am. He said one guy he worked with spent a good portion of his check on something. His girl friend got upset about the thing he spent his money on. DH said that I would have just been upset that he spent the money with out discussing it with me.