Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Newborn Class and Doctor Appointment

On Saturday DH and I took a newborn care class. I am not really sure we got what we wanted out of the class. The nurse teaching the class is the nursery nurse and basically told us what to expect once we give birth. The class covered the first 28 days of life. At least I am not nervous about what to expect at the hospital. We do have our bags packed, now. I got the pack an play up in our room, washed the clothes, and started working on the wall hangings. DH is going to work this week to get the big stuff out of her room. I am finally starting to feel more prepared to have the baby.

My doctor appointment went well today. I am measuring perfectly for how far along I am (approx 35-26 weeks). The doctor is pretty sure she is head down already. I am not dilated or effaced yet.

Miischka is doing much better. DH is taking her on Thursday to get her stitches out and for a follow up. Her and Dazie are playing much better together. I missed it, but last night DH said that they were chewing on the same bone.

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Heather said...

Sounds like you are really getting prepared!

It sure is getting close, isn't it?