Thursday, June 29, 2006

To the Heathers and the doctor appt

First I am going to try to do two seperate blog entries before I get through my tea.

I talked to DH about posting a quick note in my blog when I have Meadow. He is willing to do it, and actually very supportive. Hopefully, I can show him how to do it before I go into labor. I don't know how fast he would be able to get on-line after I deliver. I know there are several places around the hospital that have wi-fi. I am sure MIL will have her laptop with, so he can should be able to have access.
I am due on Sunday. Actually, today was my original due date, but after the first ultra sound they told me July 2nd which is Sunday. I had a doctor appointment today. Much disappointment. I have had no progress in weeks. I am still 1 cm and the doctor would put me at 50% effaced. Meaning my cervix is still pretty hard. Little Miss Meadow is still head down, but she won't put her head near my cervix. The ultra sound is estimating her current weight at 8 pounds 3 ounces.
I completely understand why people opt to not have the internal exam done. If there is no progress it is frustrating beyond belief! I really think the only reason they do it is to prepare you for child birth.
OK, so I would really like to have this child this week end. DH has Monday and Tuesday off, and then he could spend so much time with us. I started doing some of the old wives tales to help naturally induce labor. I walked about 3/4 a mile tonight. I felt great pain in my belly. I hope it helps her drop. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea. I think I will do some squats when I wake up in the morning.
The walk was so refreshing. I didn't think I could walk that far. I am actually really proud of myself. I was pretty out of breath--since the first portion of it is up a pretty steep hill. I think DH was leary of me walking alone incase something happened to me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

39 Weeks

First of all I found a link related to induction. I now understand why induction isn't such a good thing.

I also did some research on pain medications used for labor. I really need to read the thing in its entirety. From what I saw I got a lot of good information. I am thinking I will have to rewrite my birthing plan.

The doctor appointment I had today went well. Meadow's heartbeat is about 158. My vitals were good. I am measuring at 41 weeks. On Friday, I measured 38-39 weeks, so in a week end I gained two weeks and lost a couple of pounds. Her head is down, but not completely in my pelvis like it needs to be. Thursday afternoon I have an appointment for an ultra sound, and immediately after I will meet the doctor to see what to do next. I am still at 1 cm, my cervix hasn't thinned anymore. I do keep losing more of my mucus plug. Hopefully, things will progress further by Thursday. I really don't want a c-section or induction.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dazie's review of Eight Below

Dazie (the adult dog) enjoys watching anything on TV with animals (dogfood commercials, Animal Planet, etc.). Anyway, DH and I went to see Eight Below for my birthday. We planned on buying the movie when it came out on DVD, because we enjoyed the movie so much! I did not realize that the movie was a need until the commercials for the DVD came on, and I could not get Dazie's attention. I bought the movie the day it came out. I couldn't bring myself to watch it, because it isn't always the happiest movie.

Anyway DH watched the movie with Daze. She was jumping up and down, howling, running up to the TV. She has never done that while watching TV. She has seen the movie twice, and still enjoys it. She gives it two paws up! The only parts she found annoying where there were only people in the scene. On those parts she laid down until she knew the dogs were back on.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


My past two posts have had to do with two different doctors and their views on inducing me. In the U.S. it seems like there is this big push towards induction. I have a friend who has really been involved in the medical field. She was explaining to me that there has been an increase in inductions and c-sections because doctors are afraid to be sued if there is a complication. I am thinking the doctor I saw on Tuesday has that philosophy, take the easy way out to avoid any trouble.

The doctor I saw yesterday, is my primary doctor. From the first time I saw him with this pregnancy he has said there is no reason I can't have this child naturally (as in vaginally). Yesterday, he said even though I have remained at 1 cm for 3 weeks my cervix is progressing good. He said in his experience a lot of inductions end up with c-sections. As long as there is some progression in my cervix and I am not way past my EDD there is no reason I need to be induced. He doesn't think that I will go 42 weeks, and he has faith that things will go naturally for me and Meadow. Also Meadow is hanging out too high for an induction to matter. He basically said, when she is ready to come out she will. He said she is a good size baby (meaning length) and he estimates she will be about 7-8 pounds. My DH is tall and I am short, so my body is hurting more as Meadow get longer.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh What a Day!

This morning at work I had a sharp pain under my left breast bone (which happens to be where there is a little foot). Anyway, I didn't think anything of it, because sometimes I get kicked there. I went to lunch with my coworkers. When we got back to the office, one of my coworkers (who keeps trying to get me to do the old wives tale things to induce labor) asked me what to do to induce labor. I said that I had read to do squats. Mind you I have jeans on. She begs me to do one! I did, and I felt like I got hit in the pelvis from the inside with a baseball. Then I got concerned because I realized Meadow wasn't as active as she normally is after lunch. I call the doctor, and they tell me to come in. Everything is normal. My cervix has thinned more, but I am still at 1 cm. The doctor I had today (who is my normal doctor) then tells us I am not an ideal candidate for induction! The doctor I had for my appointment this week said that we should talk about induction. The pains I was experiencing are contractions, and they have been about an hour apart--not lasting very long!

Yesterday, I had gotten a call saying Meadow's dresser had come in. After the fiasco at the doctors office DH and I played hooky from work to go pick it up. I finally feel like things are coming together. As of my doctor appointment today my DH (not the doctor) put me on bedrest. The only things I am allowed to do is walk, do more squats, and have sex (which are things that old wives tales say induce labor). He said I am not allowed to do my normal Saturday cleaning. He is letting me put Meadow's things away though.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Disappointing Dr Appt and other stuff

Meadow has the hiccups at the current moment. They feel so weird. I just can't get used to it.

There was no change from last appt. Well, I lost a pound...but that is minor. Anyway, with his hand up me, he pushes down on the top of my belly. I thought he was going to take her out there. I am 38 weeks and it is 12 days until my due date. The doctor we saw today said that if I don't deliver by my appt next week, which is Monday at 9:50, we will talk about scheduling an induction. I scheduled my next appt with a different doctor. I really, really do not want to be induced. I really think induction is something that should be talked about if I was at least a week past my due date or if medically warranted. I did some research, and it seems to me doctors lately are induction happy.

The doctor I meet with next week, is young and very understanding. I hope he will hear me out, or at least explain better why they would induce me. It kind of ruined my day to hear him bring up induction. It made me feel depressed all the sudden. I just want more drugs in my system than absolutely neccessary.

On the way out of the doctor office DH kept saying, "you have to come out by Monday...."

I am hoping I have Meadow before DH gets hired permantently. Through the temp agency offers him paid vacation time. I don't kow if he will get paid time off through the company as of yet. They are really understanding about him taking time off for the baby. Right now they are slow, so it would be ideal that the baby comes while he is slow. My coworkers keep saying to me, you are still here?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Waiting Game

So, my wonderful DH took our dogs up to the mountains hiking. Today, I am trying to take it easy. I am 2 weeks away from my due date. Now I feel rested and am wondering what I can do. DH took my car, and I can't drive his truck. So, now I am waiting for two things 1) DH to get home, and 2) Meadow to decide she is ready to meet the world. I have things I need to get done, but have no real ambition to do anything. I am just sitting here...waiting for something to happen.

Anyway, my list of things I need to be doing: Laundry, Dishes, Clean the counters, Make stuff for Meadow's Room (Curtains, Dust Ruffle, Crib Bumper, Diaper Organizer, and Wall Hanging). Maybe a nice shower will motivate me...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Experiment = High Hopes

DH has trained the dogs that when he sits on the floor it is playtime. Well, with a new baby on the way this has me concerned. I don't want them thinking that they can play with the baby like they can play with "daddy".

The past two days I tried sitting and laying on the floor. Dazie brought me a toy last night. Tonight I told them, "Let's cuddle" and I laid on the floor. Both dogs came near me and laid down. To them cuddle means to lay down and go to sleep. Miischka did come up to me tonight and lick my face. I was really happy that they didn't try to play with me. I hope that if I continue to do this they will know they can't play with the baby or me if we are on the floor.

I am getting less nervous about bringing home baby with some of the research I am doing on how to prepare dogs for the baby. I am worried about Miischka, because she has never been around babies. Dazie has, and has been wonderfully behaved. She has a weird instinct about how to act around different people.

Les Miserable

I feel absolutely miserable. The heat is really getting to me. What I find to be worse about this is I can’t imagine I am somewhere North (i.e. where I am originally from). The temperatures there have been rivaling the ones here. Today, a salesman came to the door. I tried to be as nice as I could, but I couldn’t take the heat. Thank goodness the man was kind and realized the power of pregnancy. He handed me the information, and went about his way.

Last week end, I thought I was going to have my child. I was at the grocery store, and I even went later at night with the intent that I would not have to deal with people. Is that bad, I don’t want to deal with people? Anyway, I couldn’t even finish my shopping—I felt so much pressure in my pelvis. It felt like this child was going to push her way out of the way she is supposed to come out. I was on the verge of doubling over. I called DH to tell him how I was feeling. I told him I didn’t get many groceries, and if he wanted more he would have to get them himself.

Last night, I swear I could feel my skin and muscles in my belly area growing. Whatever I was feeling was not allowing me to sleep. I know I had some Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor contractions), because they were extremely irregular. Some last a long time, and the next one would last a few seconds. The timing between was really weird too. That was also enough to not allow me to sleep.

Tonight, I was talking to my neighbor on two different occasions outside. And the pressure pain in my pelvis started to come back. So, do I let this pressure continue or do I try to alleviate it? I find sitting tends to help it, and eventually it will go away, but it is so annoying.

I know in the end this will all be worth it. I am very thankful and appreciative that I had a good eight months. This last month is really getting the best of me. I feel like the pain I am experiencing now could equal childbirth.

Not much longer, and hopefully my prayers will be answered. Meaning I won’t go past my due date. I would really like to go soon, because I am impatient and in misery.

For my pregnant friends or potentially pregnant friends...please note everyone is different. You may not experience this. I really do not want to scare anyone away from having children.

OK, CC asked for it!

Here is me at 36 weeks!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What to do list?

So, tonight I was going to update my to do list of things that need to be done before the baby comes. DH has been so kind to do many of the things on the old one. I made him chocolate chip cookies to show my appreciation. They didn't turn out. I obviously do not know the difference between softened butter and melted butter. Oh well, they are still very tasty!

I actually wrote a list of things I need to do on the computer. The only thing I accomplished was e-mailing my aunt belly pics. I really appreciated that she asked for them. I was beginning to feel like no one cared. It is extremely difficult for me to be this far away from my family, and be pregnant. Hopefully, I can find a job closer to home.

DH and I are having issues with our work places. Many work environments in this area do not do anything to discourage harrassment or discrimination. Even, though DH hasn't experienced the above directly, he sees his coworkers do it. Which has made him become extremely anti-social at work. He takes his breaks in his truck. At my job...that will have to be a story for another day...because it is so obvious.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It surprises me how some of my online friends blog close to everyday. Me, I have stuff to say, but am too lazy to actually open my blog. I sometimes feel so ashamed of myself, because when those friends haven’t updated their blog in awhile I get annoyed that I have nothing to read. I know I actually have something important to say, and I am sitting her guilty I haven’t written anything.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I didn’t really care for the doctor I met with. I had been having pressure and pains in my pelvis. To me it felt like Meadow was pushing herself out. I tried to explain it to the doctor, and he didn’t seem concerned. He did check to see if I was dilated though, and I was 1 cm at my appointment. With each appointment where progress is measured, I get excited, and know the end is near.

There are several people I know who think I will go soon. Today, a lady I work with commented on it, because she noticed I was going to the bathroom more than normal. But, what do you do when you have someone inside of you pushing on your bladder? At that point I had only had 3 servings of water and it was late in the afternoon. The people I work with also think I seem to be dropping, and I am having an easier time breathing. It seems the past few weeks when I come into work on Monday; they comment how much bigger I have gotten.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Questions for my readers

I think my blog got spammed or something. I would like people to be able to post comments, but I think I set the blog comment moderation too high. Is there anyway I can have more control over the posts? I enjoy reading what ppl have to say, but I don't want my blog to become saturated with nonsense. This happened awhile ago, where I got comments that were completely irrelevant to the subject. Has this happened to anyone else?