Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Disappointing Dr Appt and other stuff

Meadow has the hiccups at the current moment. They feel so weird. I just can't get used to it.

There was no change from last appt. Well, I lost a pound...but that is minor. Anyway, with his hand up me, he pushes down on the top of my belly. I thought he was going to take her out there. I am 38 weeks and it is 12 days until my due date. The doctor we saw today said that if I don't deliver by my appt next week, which is Monday at 9:50, we will talk about scheduling an induction. I scheduled my next appt with a different doctor. I really, really do not want to be induced. I really think induction is something that should be talked about if I was at least a week past my due date or if medically warranted. I did some research, and it seems to me doctors lately are induction happy.

The doctor I meet with next week, is young and very understanding. I hope he will hear me out, or at least explain better why they would induce me. It kind of ruined my day to hear him bring up induction. It made me feel depressed all the sudden. I just want more drugs in my system than absolutely neccessary.

On the way out of the doctor office DH kept saying, "you have to come out by Monday...."

I am hoping I have Meadow before DH gets hired permantently. Through the temp agency offers him paid vacation time. I don't kow if he will get paid time off through the company as of yet. They are really understanding about him taking time off for the baby. Right now they are slow, so it would be ideal that the baby comes while he is slow. My coworkers keep saying to me, you are still here?


CC said...

Induction is scary, esp. if you're going to try to take the natural approach. If your health is fine and so is Meadow's, there is no reason for them to induce, esp. not before your due date. Some doctors give reason of *having a large baby* but that's bunk - don't be scared. Go see that other doctor and put your foot down if he also starts going in that direction. Remember, you're the consumer April - you're paying them to do this and they can't *make* you do anything.

Good luck!!!

Sarah said...

I just recently had a baby- he ended up being 1 day shy of 42 weeks (almost a full two weeks late), they wanted to induce me, but I said no, I wanted to wait it out. I had two nonstress tests done and they both indicated that he was fine- so I continued to say no to induction and two days before mandatory induction, I went into labor. Yes he was a big boy- 8.5 pounds, but he is very happy healthy and strong. He came when he was ready- I was kind of miserable towards the end, but I know I did what was best for my baby.