Friday, June 09, 2006

Experiment = High Hopes

DH has trained the dogs that when he sits on the floor it is playtime. Well, with a new baby on the way this has me concerned. I don't want them thinking that they can play with the baby like they can play with "daddy".

The past two days I tried sitting and laying on the floor. Dazie brought me a toy last night. Tonight I told them, "Let's cuddle" and I laid on the floor. Both dogs came near me and laid down. To them cuddle means to lay down and go to sleep. Miischka did come up to me tonight and lick my face. I was really happy that they didn't try to play with me. I hope that if I continue to do this they will know they can't play with the baby or me if we are on the floor.

I am getting less nervous about bringing home baby with some of the research I am doing on how to prepare dogs for the baby. I am worried about Miischka, because she has never been around babies. Dazie has, and has been wonderfully behaved. She has a weird instinct about how to act around different people.

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CC said...

I think animals just know. They know babies are just that - little people you have to be careful around. Before I was pregnant my good friend brought her then 5 month old son over and he fell asleep in the car seat and Jax was curious but he never got crazy or obnoxious. Then later he was on the sofa with all of us and Jax stayed out of his face (which is really odd for Jax). I think they just know. But of course, you still have to be careful.

(I hope I'm not hijaking your comments ;)