Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It surprises me how some of my online friends blog close to everyday. Me, I have stuff to say, but am too lazy to actually open my blog. I sometimes feel so ashamed of myself, because when those friends haven’t updated their blog in awhile I get annoyed that I have nothing to read. I know I actually have something important to say, and I am sitting her guilty I haven’t written anything.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I didn’t really care for the doctor I met with. I had been having pressure and pains in my pelvis. To me it felt like Meadow was pushing herself out. I tried to explain it to the doctor, and he didn’t seem concerned. He did check to see if I was dilated though, and I was 1 cm at my appointment. With each appointment where progress is measured, I get excited, and know the end is near.

There are several people I know who think I will go soon. Today, a lady I work with commented on it, because she noticed I was going to the bathroom more than normal. But, what do you do when you have someone inside of you pushing on your bladder? At that point I had only had 3 servings of water and it was late in the afternoon. The people I work with also think I seem to be dropping, and I am having an easier time breathing. It seems the past few weeks when I come into work on Monday; they comment how much bigger I have gotten.

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