Sunday, June 01, 2008

What a Couple of Weeks

Wow, so Lily has really taken off. She is really crawling. She sits on her own, and got her fourth tooth last week end. She started pulling herself up. Last week end we were on vacation with my in-laws and she pulled herself to a stand there. We also helped her walk a bit. I can't believe how fast she has taken off. I remember thinking that at this age Meadow was already walking.

Lily is also imitating sounds. Meadow's favorite word is, "Daddy." Lily is now making the "d" sound. I am afriad her first word is going to be Daddy. I think it would be nice if she said Momma first. Especially since I seem to be her favorite person.

Meadow's vocab has also exploded. She is a sponge. Last week end she started saying "Amma,", "Annee", "Kisses," I could go on and on. I should write a list of what she can say. BTW Amma is Gramma, and Annee is Andy.

She also learned about the water slide thanks to Uncle Andy.