Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I decided to participate in Heather's blog challenge. For this week she has challenged her readers to make a list of their quirks. I think I decided to do this one, because it is actually challenging for me. I actually have to think about what makes me quirky. I have to do this on my own, because there is no one to ask. I could ask DH, but his responses would be biased to his opinion. OK, so here it goes--deep breath:

1. I read all sorts of blogs and never comment.
2. I don't make my bed, because chances are I will sleep in it again.
3. I talk to my dogs like they are humans. Sometimes DH and I have respond for the dogs.
4. I waste a lot of time on the internet.
5. I wear my clothes several times before washing (this does not include undergarments).
6. I am obsessed with cleaning my ears. I had a bad blockage in junior high, and ever since I am determined to keep minimal wax in there.
7. I barely write in my own blog, but expect others to update theirs regularly.

I think 6 is enough for now.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Exciting Milestones

Meadow took her first two steps while playing with her daddy and Grandpa Saturday, while Grandma and I were shopping. I completely missed it. Then on Sunday she took another two steps toward daddy again in going from our couch to him.

Tonight she said, "Mama". DH didn't believe that she said it, so he said, "Mama". She repeated, "Mama". I was so excited--I almost cried.