Monday, January 29, 2007

Picture Update

For some reason...I cannot download the pictures off my camera. My computer crashed and I have to re download all my programs. My photo software happens to be in the storage unit. No ETA on when I can retrieve that...

Do I look like my mommy?

My first Christmas (approx 9 1/2 months old)
Meadow's first Christmas (approx 5 1/2 mos old)
Yes we are wearing the same dress!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mamma's Girl

For the past quite awhile Meadow has preferred me. It has now gotten to the point to she has to be able to see me at all times. If I leave the room she will cry or whine until I come back. I did figure one thing though. She tends to crawl towards me when she needs something, but she knows I will solve her issue rather quickly. DH tends to get discouraged when he can't figure what is wrong with her in a couple of tries.

Although, yesterday at swimming lessons she wouldn't let Chris get out of her sight. Next week he is getting in the pool with us. He wants to participate in the free time, but not the organized activity.

Here are some things she has accomplished so far:
Sitting alone unsupported...this includes getting into a sit position from laying down.
Army Crawl
Getting up on hands and knees--rocking back and forth
Knows that the buttons on certain toys will make them function.
Holding own bottle
Drinking out of a tippy cup
Giving Kisses
and tonight....we lowered her crib matterress. She seems to be sleeping well in it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Conflicted-Advice please

So, I have this friend at work who you either love her or hate her. When I first met her I didn't like her, but now that I have gotten to know her better I enjoy hanging out with her. She isn't from anywhere near the area we live now. Her fiance who she has been with for several years is back in the town where she went to college. She doesn't have a positive outlook currently, because of being away from the love of her life for an unknow period of time. So far they have been away from eachother for approximately 4 months.

Also, at work she isn't being used to her full potential. It is almost like her supervisors don't want to fully train her. They give her the same task to do day after day all day long. Then one of her supervisors went on maternity leave and didn't have her well prepared to handle the workload.

So, we get together at a local yarn shoppe for a yarn crafts (knitting or crocheting). Anyway, there was a request made by somebody for me to tell my friend to not talk so much at the get together. This person was mature enough to tell some one and have that some one tell my DH to tell me. Actually, the last time we went she didn't complain or say anything real negative. The only conversation she really lead was about the project she was working on. She was making a scarf for a friend and she wasn't sure how long to make it.

When DH told me this he said the person making the request described my friend by a physical feature and "the one that complains about work." If anything I was complaining about another coworker. I was really annoyed with another coworker, because she wastes a lot of my time. She needs a lot of hand holding.

My internal conflict is that I don't know if I should say something to the friend or not. I told DH that I thought it was real immature to think I would be the messenger. I did mention something today, because DH said he talked to a lady who worked at the yarn shoppe on Friday. The lady was telling him about the things we talked about and that it annoyed her. I thought it was directed toward me, because I led the conversation among my friends. What really upset me about this lady is she kept participating in the conversation. And we only talked about the issues at work for a few minutes. Then we talked about dogs, satellite radio, and stocks. Actually we spent most of the night talking about dogs.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Today, Meadow started swimming lessons. She had such a good time. We started the class with walking in a circle singing action songs to help get the babies acclamated to the water. Then we worked on ways to hold the baby so they get accustom to kicking. During free time, Meadow chased a rubber duck. During the second session of free time we swam laps toward DH and then toward the other end of the shallow area. Meadow was laughing a lot of the time. We can't wait until next week! We even talked about going swimming as a family this week.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy 6 mos Meadow

To my baby, Meadow with all the love in my heart. I love holding you in my arms, looking at your smile, watching you grow and learn, and spending every minute I can with you. Thank you for a wonderful six months of my life. I hope to leave the love in your heart that you left in mine.