Saturday, June 24, 2006


My past two posts have had to do with two different doctors and their views on inducing me. In the U.S. it seems like there is this big push towards induction. I have a friend who has really been involved in the medical field. She was explaining to me that there has been an increase in inductions and c-sections because doctors are afraid to be sued if there is a complication. I am thinking the doctor I saw on Tuesday has that philosophy, take the easy way out to avoid any trouble.

The doctor I saw yesterday, is my primary doctor. From the first time I saw him with this pregnancy he has said there is no reason I can't have this child naturally (as in vaginally). Yesterday, he said even though I have remained at 1 cm for 3 weeks my cervix is progressing good. He said in his experience a lot of inductions end up with c-sections. As long as there is some progression in my cervix and I am not way past my EDD there is no reason I need to be induced. He doesn't think that I will go 42 weeks, and he has faith that things will go naturally for me and Meadow. Also Meadow is hanging out too high for an induction to matter. He basically said, when she is ready to come out she will. He said she is a good size baby (meaning length) and he estimates she will be about 7-8 pounds. My DH is tall and I am short, so my body is hurting more as Meadow get longer.

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