Thursday, June 29, 2006

To the Heathers and the doctor appt

First I am going to try to do two seperate blog entries before I get through my tea.

I talked to DH about posting a quick note in my blog when I have Meadow. He is willing to do it, and actually very supportive. Hopefully, I can show him how to do it before I go into labor. I don't know how fast he would be able to get on-line after I deliver. I know there are several places around the hospital that have wi-fi. I am sure MIL will have her laptop with, so he can should be able to have access.
I am due on Sunday. Actually, today was my original due date, but after the first ultra sound they told me July 2nd which is Sunday. I had a doctor appointment today. Much disappointment. I have had no progress in weeks. I am still 1 cm and the doctor would put me at 50% effaced. Meaning my cervix is still pretty hard. Little Miss Meadow is still head down, but she won't put her head near my cervix. The ultra sound is estimating her current weight at 8 pounds 3 ounces.
I completely understand why people opt to not have the internal exam done. If there is no progress it is frustrating beyond belief! I really think the only reason they do it is to prepare you for child birth.
OK, so I would really like to have this child this week end. DH has Monday and Tuesday off, and then he could spend so much time with us. I started doing some of the old wives tales to help naturally induce labor. I walked about 3/4 a mile tonight. I felt great pain in my belly. I hope it helps her drop. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea. I think I will do some squats when I wake up in the morning.
The walk was so refreshing. I didn't think I could walk that far. I am actually really proud of myself. I was pretty out of breath--since the first portion of it is up a pretty steep hill. I think DH was leary of me walking alone incase something happened to me.


Sarah said...

I never went there, but with being two weeks late, you hear all kinds of ways to get the baby to come- a teaspoon of castor oil has worked for dozens of people I know. I hope your little one comes soon and I hope she doesn't drop until you go into labor, because it isn't fun on the bladder. One other little piece of advice, tearing is usually better than an episiotomy. I hope everything comes soon, waiting can be so hard.

CC said...

I'm hoping it soon April - I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are, esp. in this heat!!

For posting on her birth, you could go ahead and make a *template* and leave the time, weight and length stats empty for him to fill in. THen you can post the birth story after you get home. Just a thought. Between you and Heather, I open your blogs with baited breath everyday hoping to see some news!!!

Heather said...

I can understand your frutstration - I'm feeling it too! Hopefully this is a good weekend for both of us!