Saturday, July 01, 2006

Water Drama

So, last night DH gets a call from his very pregnant, about to pop at anytime wife. In a frenzy she says, "There is water everywhere...I don't know what to do." At that point he thinks his baby is on her way into the world. The pause in the conversation ends with "IT IS COMING OUT OF THE WALL!"

He says, "Call a neighbor, and I will be home right away."

OK, trying to gain my composure I call the only neighbor I know to be home this holiday week end. He comes over and shuts the water off. The switch to turn the water off is under our house, and there is no way I can get under there. He insists that I come up to their house until the situation is under control. Which is good, because I pee once an hour and drink A LOT of water. I really can't go any amount of time with out some sort of water supply. It is a good thig I am good friends with this guy's wife, because she was able to help keep me calm.

We had a pipe burst. It was really the last thing I needed yesterday...two days shy of my due date.

Thank God, I was able to give myself a mini pedicure and take a relaxing shower before the pipe burst. It was perfect timing in an ironic sort of way. I took my shower, dryed off, stepped from the bathroom, planted my foot on the plush blue-grey carpet in our bedroom, and the pipe burst in our bedroom. I didn't even have clothes on, so I threw on my mumu of a nightgown.

And not to keep you in dispense...I am still pregnant.

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Heather said...

I'll bet your DH was sure freaked out at first!

That sucks about the burst pipe...hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Thank goodness for your great neighbours :)