Thursday, July 20, 2006

I have a Superbaby

Yesterday, DH had Meadow on her activity mat on the floor on her belly. She rolled to her side, then onto her back.

Today, DH was in the shower, and I was trying to make him lunch. I put Meadow in the pack n play. He came out, checked on her, and went to finish getting ready for work. He came back out to check on her, and noticed she had scooted herself over almost a foot. I had her laying on her side.

A bit ago, I put her on the activity mat on her belly. I put the pillow part under her chest, and she tried to crawl over the pillow. She put her legs under and tried to push herself up. She ended up almost crawling over the pillow part. She did have most of chest over the pillow portion.

I can't believe how strong she is.


Candace said...

that is a super baby! Isn't it amazing how strong they can be so soon? Conner wasn't doing that as young as she was but he was holding his head up by 4 weeks and our doctor couldn't believe it. Enjoy your strong baby!

Heather said...

Elizabeth has been the same way - isn't it amazing the strength they have at such a young age?