Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Does Meadow Honestly Think?

Yesterday, she was kind of listless, so we gave her Pedialite. By her next wet diaper she was dehydrated. Her urine was on the dark side. I gave her another Pedialite later. She is doing much better. I think we are going to continue give a 1/2 ounce a day.

Today, we took her to her first doctor appointment. It was feeding time too. I thought I would be able to feed her while we were waiting or something. She was hungry too. She doesn't like to be naked. They had me take her clothes off down to her diaper. I noticed her diaper was wet, so I was changing it. She rolled onto her side and peed all over the table as to say I will show you what I think about this. So, it is not only little boys you have to worry about peeing all over.

Her doctor appointment went well. She gained 2 ounces since discharge and grew 1/2" since birth.

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