Friday, July 21, 2006

It was a good night

Meadow had been really fussy Tuesday and Wednesday night. Last night I was going to give her Pedialite, but she wouldn't take the bottle. I was going to give her the Pedialite, because I thought maybe she wasn't feeling well. Although last night she was easy to keep occupied. Then, I got an e-mail from my MIL saying that BIL's girlfriend was sick for three days this week. She was over last week, but only held Meadow briefly.

So, naturally I get more paranoid. I took her temperature-97.7 degrees. That isn't anything to get alarmed about. Since, her umbilical cord stump fell out early Monday morning I knew it was OK to forgo the sponge bath and give her a bath in the infant tub.

The infant tub we have has a sort of chair in it. I put her in the chair, and filled the tub to cover her feet. She didn't seem to mind that. I started to wash her. So far, so good. She did not like being rinsed off though. She screamed and screamed. When I was done, I took her to dry her off. She still didn't like that. As a matter of fact she wasn't happy until I got her diaper and clothes on.

The rest of the night she was content. She even fell asleep the time I wanted her to. I was so blessed last night. She even slept well through out the night and nursed well when I woke her up. She even went right back to sleep. Hopefully we can repeat it today. I think we are reading eachother better.

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Heather said...

Baths are amazing in how they calm children! Glad things are going smoother for you :)