Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I had a catchy title...But I forgot it

I thought of a bunch of things to write about while in the shower. I even thought of a really cool title...Well I thought it was, but now my mind is completely blank.

The past two nights I have had really bizarre dreams. Sunday night I had a dream that the baby was born with a tail. It was about 2" long. We decided not to get it removed. Last night I dreamt that we bought a house that was infected with rattle snakes and black mamba snakes. My grandfather came and got rid of all the snakes.

Since Friday night I have been going to bed by 10 and up by 8. Tomorrow I guess I am going to work. It is 12:30 and I am not at all tired. I really hope I am not "nesting." I did get some projects done tonight. I thought maybe tonight would be the night, b/c I have been having pressure in my pelvis. DH thinks I really dropped. I haven't done anything too strenuous...I worked on getting the birth announcements together.

DH and I discussed tonight, that we will try to put off induction until I get closer to 42 weeks. Today was a big research day for me. I looked up information about induction methods on vaccinations for babies.

OK, this glass of milk is helping make me sleepy. I hope I can be alert at work tomorrow.

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