Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am so deprieved

First of all I am deprieved of sleep. Why? Because my wonderful DH had the dogs with him in the garage while he was working on getting it cleaned and organized. For some reason he decided to slightly open the garage door. Well, Miischka decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get out. I was so worried about her. She got scared earlier in the night during a thunderstorm that we had, and at this point another storm was passing through. She took off about 10 and didn't come home until 2ish. So needless to say during that time I could barely sleep. DH is wondering what I will do when Meadow decides to take off or come home after curfew...

Secondly, I looked up the news in my hometown area/college town area today. I realized this week end there was a music festival I would have liked to go to. Usually I don't have much interest in going, but the line up this year really interests don't are some of the bands I would have liked to see: Friday night~Seven Mary Three, Puddle of Mudd, Kidd Rock; Saturday night~Tesla, Papa Roach, Motley Crue; Sunday night~Warrant, Live, Staind, and Poison. OK, so I can't go for two BIG reasons: 1. I live 1,000 miles away and we can't afford to travel for fun at this time. 2. I have a newborn. Rockfest is not a good place for a newborn. Although one year I went to Ozfest with DH and there were several families there. I guess I just have priorities and don't want my child exposed to certain activities that go on at festivals as such.

Well, I better go before the newborn wakes up from her nap.

BTW, I wonder how Tommy Lee is swinging the gig on Saturday night and then handling all the Rockstars on Rockstar Supernova...

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