Monday, May 15, 2006

Stalk and Pounce

Tomorrow, Miischka goes in for exploratory surgery. I don't know if I blogged about that or not yet. If I haven't I will.

Tonight, she was being so silly. I about missed the season finale of Grey's Antomy bceause she was being so entertaining. She was stalking Dazie, who was laying on the floor sleeping at first. It reminded me of a wild animal stalking prey. Then Miischka would pounce on her. Dazie didn't really react. Miischka goes back into stalk mode and pounce. This went on a few more times with Dazie not reacting. Then, Dazie finally "fought" back.

Then, both dogs started wrestling. Neither dog was making a sound. It was like they were still in hunt mode. As soon, as a left the area they were playing in they stopped. It seemed like they were doing it just for me! Like they thought the mama needed entertaining.

I would highly reccomend if you have one pet getting another--two pets playing with each other is so much entertaining than TV.

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