Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The third time in a month!?!?!?

Miischka's thoughts on going to the vet this morning for her surgery...
She peed on the sidewalk at the vet office. She couldn't wait to get to the grass. She then tucked her tail under herself. She was not a happy camper that I had to take her back.

I got upset, because I was not allowed to take her home tonight. We get to pick her up anytime tomorrow. They wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

They took her uterus and ovaries out. They looked at her bladder. For the most part everything looked fine. They are going to send the uterus and ovaries to a lab to get analyzed to try to figure out what caused the problems she was having.

I can't want to get my sweet girl back!

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CC said...

April that sucks. I really hope they find out what's going on - I can't imagine having to do that with my dogs. They're like my children anyways and I'm sure you feel the same. Hey maybe it's practice for having children. It's sucky practice tho.