Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who said dogs needed thumbs?

I call DH on the way home from work yesterday. On Fridays the dogs are alone longer than any other day of the week, because DH goes into work earlier. I told him I would stop home, let the dogs out, and go run some errands. I wanted to make sure he didn't need anything else. He said the dogs were fine, because he left them outside with a big bowl of water when he went to work.

I had to go home anyway, because I left some essential things at home that I needed for the errands (shopping list). Imagine my surprise when the two dogs greeted me at the door. It took me a minute to realize, they figured out how to open the patio door. Now, we make sure the door is locked when we let them out. It is not going to be fun trying to kill all the flies that got in, but I am so amazed at how intelligent my dogs are.


CC said...

my dog still hasn't figured out his tail is attached to HIS BODY. He's 3 years old.

fastbackstang said...

My dog is NOT that smart. Or maybe she is and pretends not to be. Too Funny. Hope you can stay one step ahead of them. ;)

Heather said...

That's amazing April!

Our cat has figured out door handles...she jumps to try and open them but doesn't have the turning factor down.

Animals are just amazing sometimes!