Saturday, May 13, 2006

Prepared Childbirth Class

I have been struggling since my last entry to write. It is not that I don’t have an array of topics to write about—it is because I have been really lazy and nothing feels appropriate to write about. My topics I need to write about don’t match my mood. I am really trying to compile a blog that I will use for Meadow's scrapbook about preparing and awaiting for her arrival.
I went to an all day crop last week end, and got a good portion of scrapbook done.

Today, we took a class entitled Prepared Childbirth. The instructor went through the material fast, but they always give you the materials you can read through later. We really worked on relaxation techniques. The class started early, meaning DH and I both lost our opportunity to sleep in. The relaxation techniques really worked for me…I almost fell asleep, and had to struggle when we got home to get a few things done with out falling asleep. After I ate a very late lunch, I took a nap (from which I just awoke).

When I got home I immediately prepared our birthing plan. I need to run it by DH to make sure he is comfortable with it. I also need to prepare our relaxation materials so we can practice. I kept picturing our wedding day or our dogs playing with our little girl on the beach. I would like to get one of those relaxation CD’s or see if DH can download one off of the internet to store on his mp3 player.

There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the class. I really liked the instructor’s personality. She is one of the L&D nurses. I really like the staff at the hospital. I am really happy with the choice I made as to which hospital I am giving birth at—even though it is the furthest one from our house. Good thing the labor for first timers lasts the longest… We did cover vaginal birth and c-section. I am slightly disappointed that the c-section ratio at the hospital is 25-30%, but that is inline with the National average. I was assured that they only do a c-section if absolutely necessary. For example, if they can tell the baby won’t make it through my pelvis. Also, I found out that the L&D staff is pro-breastfeeding, and will have you feed right after the baby is born.

When we toured the birthing center, I saw my OB/GYN was on duty. Actually, I see many different ones in the practice, but by my OB/GYN I mean the one who I had my preliminary appointments with. When I go for my appointments, I try to sneak a peak at the on duty schedule for the doctors. There are only two doctors in the practice, I don’t really care for, but they are still good doctors. I just don’t really care for their personalities. They are the two oldest doctors in the practice. The other doctors in the practice are young. Many of them are parents to very young children, so they draw from their recent experiences. In fact, one doctor just got back from maternity leave and another is due about the time I am.

Anyway in the class today, out of 11 babies to be in the class 1 is a boy and 1 is a surprise. I thought that was interesting. It seems like there have been a lot of girl babies born in my neighborhood lately. I thought it was easier to make a boy…

I am not going to have a truly natural childbirth, but I am going to go as long as I can with out meds. I still need to do more research on which pain meds I will be willing to take. I am not really fond of the epidural or the taking IV meds for various reasons, so I will have to really weigh the pros and cons. I am also praying that I will not need a cut episiotomy, but will take it over a tear episiotomy. Basically, my plan is to be flexible and try different things to try to relax me during labor. I hope to try different positions during childbirth that will allow for gravity to take its place. CC, I have taken note from your blog to prepare myself for walking for long periods of time. They expressed the importance of walking during the first stage of labor today. They will allow me to bring in my yoga ball or birthing ball. They don’t have them, but they do recommend them.


CC said...

I can't stress walking enough! For me, it helped me keep my mind off the pain (during a contraction I would walk faster), but it really helps get the baby down where it needs to be and helps you progress more quickly. Also, since you're not too far off, you may want to start walking daily, if you haven't been already. From 30 weeks on I walked everyday for atleast 15 mins. It doesn't have to be strenuous or powerwalking, but just letting gravity get that baby ready and where she needs to be. I think it helped me tremendously and that's why I was only in active labor for 10 hours.

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