Monday, May 01, 2006

Faith and Religon

I hope I can get everything said I wish to before I fall asleep.

Awhile ago DH and I started studying the Bible together. We would like to improve our moral compass before the baby comes. We are doing it with a couple of our neighbors. We have gone a couple of times to their religious service. Since we have been studying the Bible together, I have noticed that we have become closer in our relationship. We have been communicating more easily, also.

I have noticed some changes in myself personally. I have noticed that I have become more empathetic. I actually, received a compliment from a coworker today. She is having some personal issues. I have been in a similar experience about three years ago. Actually, I could really put myself in her shoes. I think with what I have learned since studying the Bible has helped me help her stay calm. I haleped her figure out the different solutions to solve her problems. Tonight, I gave her a ride home from work. She couldn't stop thanking me for being understanding.

We also talked about religion together. She went to church with another coworker over the week end. She said there were some rituals that took place that scared her. I don't think a religious service should scare some one. I shared with her some of my religious beliefs--now that I am exploring my religion and spirituality. I think it made her more comfortable knowing, that there are a lot of organized religions that have a lot of unlogical ascpects to them. She knows that I do not believe in anything that is not logical.

There are some more aspects I would like to explore with DH. I would like to start praying with him. I know this is going to be hard, because of our different schedules. I know we have some varying beliefs, so I would like to have deeper conversations about those. I am really proud of him, because he has taken it upon himself to do more research into the specific things he doesn't understand. I have "caught" him several times studying the Bible...on his own, with no persuading from me. He gets upset when he can't make it to any of our religious studies. I really love the initiative he is taking.

I think one thing that really connects DH and I is that we enjoy learning about other people's cultures, so we can better understand where others are coming from. I love his openmindness, and he loves that about me too.

He is sometimes reluctant to tell me certain things, because he thinks I will get upset. Once he tells me, and I am cool with what he told me, he is surprised. He says he loves how I don't get bent out of shape about certain things that other women would. People he works with are jealous of how OK with things I am. He said one guy he worked with spent a good portion of his check on something. His girl friend got upset about the thing he spent his money on. DH said that I would have just been upset that he spent the money with out discussing it with me.


CC said...

that's great about you and DH studying the bible together. One thing that makes me curious: what makes a religious practice unlogical? Do you think if it makes people uncomfortable that it's wrong? (not assuming an answer to either of this, just wondering)

Heather said...

I'm glad you found something that you and DH could connect over :)

Anonymous said...

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