Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Answering questions

CC, I am going to try my best to answer your questions.

The lady at work goes to what she calls an All Denominational Christian church. I have been to several different Christian churches, and the things happen in this particular church I have never seen performed in another church. My friend grew up Catholic. She said there were rituals performed through out the service that did not make sense. No one could explain why it was done. Basically, people were following through out the service the pastor with out understanding why they were doing something. To me it seems like the pastor treats everyone like they are pocessed by Satan. I think what made my friend uncomfortable is no one would help her understand what is going on.

There have been several times I have asked my coworker who attends this church why she believes certain things. There have been times were she has been unable to answer my questions. She knows I am in the process of finding myself spiritually. It seems she doesn’t really understand the Bible or where to go to get answers.

I feel the Bible was created so that we can understand and get to know God. I feel this particular church does not help it’s members create an understanding relationship with God.

Does that answer your questions?


CC said...

Yes, thanks for responding. I agree - in fact, I grew up in the Baptist chuch and while many practices there weren't completely unorthodox, they were doing them merely out of tradition and their explanation of them was just that: "It's what we do."

Our church does a lot of unorthodox things, but I like it b/c generally it's purpose can help bring about the main point: To help you grow in the Lord. It's an evangelical church, but we read celtic prayers (they're so beautifully written), practice Lent (even though that's a mainly Catholic practice), and other things that other religions do. But with the main purpose that it puts our focus on God. And our church always gives Biblical reasons to back up what they do.

But I think you're right - if you can't back it up with what the Bible teaches, or if it can't bring you clarity or closer to God, or even explain it, then why do it? And pastors/church people who do things just for show are definately in the wrong, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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