Saturday, September 23, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Really, I have tons of stuff I have wanted to write about. Problem is I don't get much of a chance with working and taking care of Meadow. I wouldn't trade it though. I have so many pictures on my camera I NEED to download. I am hoping I will get a few minutes to do so tomorrow.

Meadow is "talking" more. She likes to use "gaaaaaaa" a lot. She always says it with a smile. Speaking of smiles, she has started to get dimples. I think she is going to be trouble for DH and I. She has such a cute smile. And I think her eyes are going to stay blue. Those are the two reasons I think she is going to be trouble for us. She really likes to engage in conversation with DH. Earlier tonight they were having a contest to see who could get the loudest. I don't know if Meadow has realized her voice capabilities yet.

Another reason I haven't been around much is that Meadow has had a bad cold. I took her to three different doctors before we were able to get her something to help her feel better. DH had a bacteria infection also the week before last. I had spent a week trying to get my family feeling better. Then my in-laws came for a visit. All in all things have been pretty busy for us.

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Emily said...

I was hoping things were ok, sounds like Meadow is doing great. Only 6 more weeks until Gavin comes out, if I make it that long. Doc has me on partial bedrest for preterm labor.