Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I know you've missed me

I have been with out e-mail for awhile. I am sure you would like an update, but I am not sure what to write.

My MIL found us a cozy 2 bedroom apartment with a full basement in the new town. We have what we need here to get by for the next six months (our lease length). The dogs miss having a yard to play in, and it has been difficult getting them to realize they can play in the basement. DH has made a play area for Meadow in our living room.

Meadow is getting better at sitting. She can't quite sit on her own. She has good control of her head. She got another cold last week that had us all very worried. DH took her to a doctor, which he really liked. He was very informative and perscribed Meadow some medicine that kicked the cold's butt! Prior to him taking her in, the babysitter called because she was scary unresponsive. The babysitter was was very fearful for her. She has also mastered rolling over (that just happened this past week end).

We started giving her cereal on the 17th. I couldn't keep up with how much she was eating, and we were supplementing with formula. I think my milk decrease due to the stress of moving and what not. She didn't quite get the spoon, so we gave her oatmeal in her bottle. Yesterday, DH decided to try pears with a spoon. We had some success. She seems to put her fingers in her mouth after eating to help suck the food down.

We like the new babysitter. Meadow seems worn out when she gets home, so I know she is getting a lot of playtime. The babysitter is good about keeping me updated.

DH hasn't found a job yet. Hopefully soon something will materialize. He's been good about get errands done though.

My job is going good. I hope I get through the 3 month period. I really like the company, my coworkers, my job. I haven't gotten to the point where I feel I am truly adding value to the team, but I feel productive. I am learning again...I feel challenged...I feel like I am getting my old self back. Maybe there is something to being close to home.

In retrospec living in SC hasn't been a complete loss to me. It was a good learning and growing expereince...about myself.

Off the subject: we got cable and internet today. We have way too many learning channels, and I know my chances of watching what I want are nill.

This is all I can post tonight. My eyelids are very heavy. Feel free to post some questions. Maybe that will motivate me to write more.


Candace said...

I must've missed something - I didn't realize you had moved. You're no longer in SC? Sounds like your job is going well. I actually miss working. I love being at home with Conner, but I miss being a part of a working *team* and being challenged. I'm glad you feel like you're getting back to yourself.

Heather said...

Good to hear from you again!!

Glad things are going well for you :)