Sunday, March 25, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Meadow has become quite comical. I can't believe the things she is doing. I have two funny stories I want to share.

Meadow has started the "d" and "b" sound in her babbles. Anyway, last week she crawled to the baby gate while I was getting ready for work. She then pulled herself up, and started "talking". When I looked at her she was holding on to the gate with one hand and swinging the other like people who talk with thier hands. I thought it was so cute.

Friday night I had a friend over for dinner and game night. We put Meadow in her exersaucer to keep her out of trouble. To keep her from fussing DH gave her some Gerber puffs. He said to her, "Tell me when, " as he poured them onto her tray. When she had quite a bit, DH said, "when?", and Meadow shook her head "no." It was so funny.

Then, DH said, "What do you mean no?"

Meadow shook her head again, as to say, "No means no...I want more!"

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