Monday, November 13, 2006

A brag, some TMI, and something fun

Meadow has reached some milestones (in my eyes) recently. She has gotten good at grabbing things. She started putting her hands on her bottle and "guiding" it to her mouth. Next we got to her briefly holding her own bottle in her mouth. Tonight she actually held it until she fell asleep.

Since we have started giving her food, her poop consistency has changed. It has gotten hard, and tonight her poop looked like an actual turd.

Now for the more interesting stuff. Meadow got to visit another state over the week end, and fly on an airplane. It was her grandpa's 60th birthday and her grandma threw a surprise party for him. So, we boarded a plane Saturday morning to go to Florida, and came back Sunday night. She did so well. People kept looking at us with disapproving looks. I could just see people thinking, "I hope I don't get stuck near the baby on the plane." Meadow was so good. She ate until she fell asleep. Then when we deplaned, people exclaimed, "You have such a good baby!" Now, think before you think...

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