Friday, October 19, 2007

Doctor Appointments a Lesson Learned

So, I made tandem Doctor appointments fir Lily and I. Even better I thought it was great that I could get in at 4 on a Friday.

Lily's check up went well. She has a boogery eye. The doctor just said to massae it with a warm clothe. She is 10 pounds and 22" long. She is growing really well. A couple of weeks ago Chris though she would surpass Meadow in height. In comparing stats I think he is right.

Then I had my post pardom check up. The doctor found a lump on my thyroid. I was so distracted with that--that I forgot to bring up other concerns I wanted to discuss with him. Since I was the last appointment of the day there was no one available to evaluate my blood work up or schedule the appointment for the ultrasound to check my thyroid.

I forgot to ask when he needs to see Lily again. And, the nurse didn't fill out Lily's immunization chart out for daycare. I even gave it to her. Ugh. So, now I am going to have to wait until he calls with my results on Monday. I am sure I will have to see him again in the near future to talk about my thyroid results.

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