Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It Was a Good Week End

Since her birth Lily has perferred my exclusive company. DH tried last week to have alone time with Lily, and she cried the whole time. This week end we went to my in laws. DH and I were able to have a date night as my in laws offered to babysit.

Lily cried most of the time we were gone--until she fell asleep. In research I have done I found out crying peaks around 6 weeks. Tomorrow she turns 7 weeks. Today, there were several occasions where I could put her in her swing and she was content. She even hung out with DH for about 30 minutes (until she filled her pants and realized she was hungry). DH thinks it is a HUGE milestone. Especially since DH says all Lil does is cry. Really the only times she cried today was when she was hungry or had full pants.


Hopefully the childcare provider will have success with giving her a bottle. She is so used to me being her food source. I afraid she will just suck down the bottles. I hope she is content with 1 ounce an hour while I am at work.

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