Sunday, July 06, 2008

A lot going on...

If it hasn't been noticed by the amount of posts I have made recently, we have a lot going on. I feel like we are always on the move.

DH - is planning on going back to school.

If that isn't stressful enough, his grandfather recently passed away. He has been having a hard time dealing with it.

Meadow - her vocabulary is exploding. Today she said, "stinky." It was hilarious. But then again she smelled her feet and said it.

Her strength amazes me...

She is in the tantrum phase. She gets frustrated and throws her arms, and slaps something (usually the table). Then she will start to pout which leads to full on crying.

For her birthday she got a swing set. It is for her and Lily. Meadow loves it and her favorite part is the slide. She has thrown a tantrum in the morning to play on it on our way to daycare.

Meadow is a good big sister. She always says, "Lily!" when she sees Lily after waking up for the day or from a nap. It is so cute.

She definately has a mind of her own.

Lily - is officially crawling. She can pull herself to a stand. When she is upset she will crawl to me and say, "Mamma, Mamma, Mamma." It just breaks my heart. It makes me happy that her first word was, "Mama." She says Daddy too. Meadow's first word was, "Daddy," so it is only right Lil says, "Mama."

Lily is also eating solids. She loves to eat. She can't get enough food ever. She will eat her food and then try to steal off of Meadow's plate. Last month she officially weaned from breastfeeding. It was a tough decision, but things are so much better for me. She was biting at every session. We made it 10 months which is 6 months longer than Meadow.

She has also warmed up to her daddy more. I think it is because he can feed her a bottle. She isn't relying on me as her only food source. She will crawl to him when she wants to be entertained.

Oh, and she has developed personal space against Meadow. If Meadow gets too close she will scream. You would think Meadow is hurting her!

Tooth count is 6.

Me - I am still struggling with work. I am sick of dealing with jerks who are stuck on titles and not willing to help people learn.

I missed my class reunion. I am disappointed, because I didn't get an invite. I found out about it 1 week before on Myspace. I guess it gives me 5 years to get into shape and look smoking hot!

I am really having a hard time mustering up motivation or ambition to get fit. I lost some weight and gained it back. I wish I could stick with it. I really need a huge kick in the butt! Today I created a poster for motivation. Let's see how it works. Any tips? I just need to get in the routine of working out...

Meadow just climbed out of her crib again. The last time she crawled out, I put the couch cushions around her crib. Tonight I put them away since she hasn't attempted to do it...and sure enough she climbes out...

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