Monday, February 20, 2006

Baby and Puppy appointments

This morning I had another doctor appointment. It was just a normal check up. DH and I got there about 10 minutes early, and still had to wait for 10 minutes after the appointment was suposed to start. Then I got a different tech than I normally do. She seemed like she was over her head or not all there.

Since I go to a rather large practice, and each doctor takes a turn being on call at the hospital I will be delivering at I meet with a different doctor each time. I really liked the bedside manner of the doctor I had today. As a matter of fact a lady I work with raves about her. Anyway, she said my BP and weight gain were perfect. She said the ultra sound results were good and the Quad Screen I had done last appointment was good (meaning no birth defects). I could tell she genuinely enjoys her job. She took time to answer my questions in depth, and she told me never to hesitate to call. I felt good about that.

When we got home, I called the vet to order Miischka's meds. The vet expressed discussed with me the various treatment options if the pills don't work. There is an option of surgery, but he didn't know much about it. He said he would do more research, and contact a specialist. When we first took Miischka to the vet over this problem they said it usually corrects itself after her first heat cycle. She is 8 months old, and dogs start going into heat between 6 and 12 months. Almost everyday, I check to see if she has gotten her period.

DH and I decided that surgery will be our last route. We really don't want to go there, because at this point the side affects are worse than the actual problem. The meds help it. If she doesn't get better after her first cycle we will see the specialist to see if there are any other options. There are other drugs available, but again they are almost too powerful for puppies.

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Randi said...

Don't you love when you get a good doctor or nurse that takes time for you! It's nice when they make you feel like the only one. We need more like that...