Monday, February 13, 2006


Last night, I was online. I took a big drink of root beer. I honestly thought I dribble down my shirt, but when I looked down there was a wet spot where my nipple is. My boobs are leaking already. It didn't last long, but it freaked me out. I know it is normal. Just in case it happens again I bought nursing pads to stick in my bra.

Today, I had to drag myself out of bed. I really had to talk myself into going to work. I hate Mondays so much. Anyway, I was there for two hours. DH called my cell phone. He told me he needed me to come home ASAP. He cut his finger and needed me to take him to the ER. So, I speed home, and take him to the ER. On the way I asked him what happened. Apparently, he thought he should take the boat down to the lake to make sure it is still working properly. He tried to hitch it to his truck and it rolled forward. He tried to prevent it from hitting his truck, and got his finger stuck in between. It cut his finger.

We were in the ER for 3 hours. I really need to complain. The hospital I took him to is pretty big. I was reading their brochure while waiting. It said they see 100,000 patients a year. I really think they could be more efficient and see more patients. First you sign in when you walk in. Then you sit down in the waiting area. Someone calls your name, and you get checked in. You give the exact same information to the person who is checking you in (can you see where a step can be skipped?). Then you wait in the waiting area. A nurse calls you into a room. She takes your vitals, and looks at the wound. By this time we were there an hour. That nurse decides where you should go. We go into an exam room. Where we wait another hour for another nurse to show up. She asks us the for the same information the first two people did. She did take down more detail though.

She told us the doctor would be right in to see us. She didn't mention it would be 30 minutes later. Mind you at this point I missed my snack time, didn't have any water, and am pregnant. Before the Dr. Came I journeyed to find a water fountain and bathroom. Poor DH also needed to visit the facilities, but couldn't because he was waiting for the Dr. The Dr finally came. Looked at his finger decided he needed stiches and left. He wasn't gone long, and he came back with a kit to do the stitches. He stitches up DH's finger, and tells us a tech would be in to clean his hand up and bandage it. Another 30 minutes later a nurse comes in and says something about a tetanus shot. The Dr never mentioned the shot to us. Anyway, she leaves and comes back about 15 minutes later to administer the shot. She said a tech would be in to clean him up.

10 minutes later the tech shows up. Apparently, they were all on lunch. I know this because a nurse came in the room with him, and they were discussing what they ate. GRRRR. Please, I am missing my job I really don't want to be at today, but still I don't want to suck up my sick time. The nurse leaves and the tech cleans up my husbands hand. He is paying more attention to me then what he is doing, and hurt DH worse.

We checked out, and went and got DH's prescriptions. I got him home and he took his first dosages. Shortly after he fell asleep. His hand is still in pain, but at least it is not as bad as it was. He found that my pregnancy pillow works great for keeping his hand in a position that doesn't hurt as much. I am just hoping he will let me sleep with it tonight, but I will be understanding if he wants it.


Randi said...

Oh my!! Sounds like a terrible day, and to top it off, your pregnant. I'm glad though that your husband's finger is ok, hope the rest of the week goes better for you. ((hugs))

Heather said...

I hope your husband heals up fast!!