Sunday, February 26, 2006


This week end I finished two projects. The first was a dog bed for Miischka. She won't lay on it, but has a definate problem when Dazie does. She knows it is hers. Miischka prefers to lay on the kitchen floor next to the water and food dishes.

The second project is two almost three weeks late. It is for my Godchild's birthday. I made her a poncho. It turned out cute. When I figure out hot to post pics, I will.

I got these two projects done this week end, and I still don't feel the satisfaction I feel when I finish something. I still feel like I need to do something with each project. And now there is the next set of projects for me to do.

I found fabric for the baby's room. I need to make the window fixtures, crib bumper, crib dust ruffle, and organizer. Each project looks easy, but I am now not looking forward to them. Hmmm...maybe I currently discontent. Maybe I should start on the scrapbook for baby. Who knows maybe I just have too many projects lined up. Maybe I will feel better once I get the poncho in the mail...

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Heather said...

I always get overwhelmed when I get too many projects on my plate. When that happens, I make a schedule and will work on project A Mondays and Wednesdays, Project B Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way you don't burn yourself out working on one project, and you get work done on both. Yes, I am a geek that schedules her crafts :)