Friday, May 11, 2007

Noticing new stuff of sorts

I have some much needed blog catch up to do. Hopefully, I can get to it by the end of the week that is my blog challenge to myself. First I will be participating in Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge. This week's topic is to seek out something in your normal routine that you have not noticed before. This was difficult for me since my normal route to work in now detoured for construction. I couldn't really find anything profound. A couple of things though:

The outdoor tables at work only 1 does not have an umbrella. On a glorious day who wants to spend their lunch break under an umbrella when you have to be stuck inside the rest of the day?

There is a gas station in my town that all week has been $0.05 than the rest of the stations. Now that the rest of the station are at $3.19 that is a real important note.

They don't carry the really yummy brownies in the convenience store at work...just the cafeteria. Who has time to walk to the cafeteria when they want a snack when I work above the convenience store?

The USPS mailboxes through out the town I live in are brown not blue (except the one by the post office and the one on the main street).

I think that is about all the noticing I did this week.

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