Sunday, February 18, 2007

Public Service Announcement

The lady who found our dogs said that she appreciated how well we had our dogs IDed. I want to stress to any pet owner how inexpensive and easy it is to make and ID tag for your dog. Most Wal*Marts have the machine near the check outs that makes them and it is under $5 for tags. They do have more expensive designs. Usually you can put up to 4 lines of information. Our dogs only have their name and each of our cell phone numbers on their ID tags.

Even if you have a cat it is important to make sure he/she has identification. When I was talking to my aunt about the ordeal, she said her cat got loose. She lives in an apartment complex. The cat was found across the street from the apartment complex.

Our dogs are also microchipped. Some of you may think it is unnatural. I think it is crucial if you have pets who go outside. There is an ID tag they get with the microchip. The ID tag has the 1-800 number for the recovery agency (our dogs have different agencies for their microchip) and an ID number. A lot of Humane Societies and Animal Shelters have scanners and will scan animals as they arrive. Some vet clinics even have policies where they scan all new patients. Each microchip cost under $30, and it is inserted between the shoulder blades. It is about the size of a grain of rice. Some agencies require a yearly fee, while others it is just a one time fee.

Dazie has the Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) microchip from AKC. Miischka has the HomeAgain microchip. The reason it is different is because of the vet that they got it at. It just depends on what the vet carries. If you want anymore information, let me know. Both are easy to update with information if you move.

Also make sure they have their current rabies tag. That has the dispensing vet's information on. Vets have records of which dog has which tag number. That has assisted a friend of mine when her dog was lost. They called the vet office and the vet office contacted her with the finder's information.

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