Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why does this stuff happen to me?

Last week FIL called and offered to babysit Meadow. Well, my car was leaking oil, so we couldn't get her to FIL's (2 hours away). This week end MIL offered to babysit Meadow so DH and I could celeberate a late Valentines Day. Guess what!?!?! both dogs ran away this morning. DH is out looking for them. To top it off, my great aunt passed away last week. Meadow also had a fever Thursday and Friday. It just doesn't seem like we have had good luck lately.


Heather said...


I'm so sorry to hear that all that has happened to you guys...


Vicki said...

I always forget about your blog, had to come and check it out. You say, Why does this stuff happen to me? You were talking about trying to get away and your car was leaking oil and then the dogs ran away. Someone or something really doesn't want you to be out on the road. There is a reason why this is happening, you just don't know what that reason is. Higher power in the works I think.