Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Melting my heart in the coldest season

My daughters have come to an age where they make me melt. It does not matter how cold it is outside, they say and do things that spread warmth.
The other day, I was making breakfast. Meadow was in the kitchen watching me. It is one of her favorite activities – watching me cook. Anyway, she says, “I like Lily. Lily is my best friend.” How could that not get to my heart? Seeing my two girls at such young ages already considering each other their best friend (Okay, so Lil wasn’t so quick or forthright to say her big sister is her best friend). She may not say it, but she shows it in other ways.
It is so nice to be home with the girls right now. I get like an extra 9 hours of one on one time with Lily a week while Meadow is at preschool. Lily enjoys the opportunity to be just her and me. I feel so bad that the 2nd (3rd, 4th, and so on) child doesn’t get the time to be the center of attention – the parents only focus of attention. I feel that preschool is definitely making that up for Lily. Preschool is uncertain for Lil. I would love to put her in a program, but as long as our futures are uncertain so will preschool.

Lily does know how to make me melt. She will wrap her arms around my neck with all her strength. At least I think she is using all of her strength. She pulls my ear next to her head and says, “I love you, Mommy.” I don’t think there is anything more precious than hearing your toddler tell you that they love you. I could sit all day and listen to her talk. Her telling me she loves me is her key to anything she wants – within reason.

It cracks me up when I ask Meadow to do something she doesn’t want to do she will say, “No, thank you.” I am glad she has manners, but that is really not the response I am looking for. When I ask her to clean up and she is willing she says, “Music helps me.” Lily will say “Okay, “ or “Sure”. But it is rare that Lily is willing to help pick up.

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