Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lazy Days

So, my plan for the day was to make my mother in law a case for her laptop. I just didn't have the ambition to do it. The past two days I haven't been feeling well, so I took the hint from my body to rest. I ended up taking two naps today. It is not that I feel sick...I just plain feel fatigued. Which just intrigued a thought:

When I was on the quest to lose weight for my wedding, I wish I would have known about this or at least had a correlation about carrying around an extra 10 pounds. Really, I have gained about 10 pounds thus far. Maybe since I am more conscience about my weight gain (I keep track so I know the baby is growing) instead of the normal weight "sneaking up on me," but I have noticed that I am getting more fatigued physically. Before, when I gained weight I didn't realize how tired I was. Hopefully, now that I made the correlation, post giving birth I will be more motivated to get the extra weight off.

I did muster up the ambition to finish scanning in DH and my baby pictures for Meadow’s scrapbook. I printed about half when I ran out of yellow ink. Hopefully, I will be able to get some tomorrow. I completed two pages of her scrapbook—one with her first ultra sound picture, and the other with some of the clearer ultra sound pictures from our February ultra sound. As I was adhering the paper and pictures to the pages I thought, “What if the baby is really a boy and they didn’t catch it in the ultra sound?” I made sure the journal entry in the scrapbook explains why we think she is a girl. Hopefully, it is not wrong. Either way we will be happy.

I am sort of upset about scrapbooking tonight. I kept getting something blue all over the layouts. I really don’t know what it was coming from. I had to keep washing my hands. I had to reprint my journal entry three times. There are still some traces of blue on one of the pages. I wonder if it is coming from my paper trimmer or tape runner. Both are blue. My mouse pad is also blue, but I just did a crocking test on that. It passed.

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