Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prenatal Appointments and Work

Today, I got an e-mail from my supervisor saying that she need a doctor's note for all my appointments. I found this rather odd, since it never seemed to be an issue before with me or anyone else (especially people who are ill). I went and asked the H.R. manager what the protocol is for prenatal visits. I told her that my supervisor asked for a doctor's note. She said the company did not require a doctor's note for any prenatal visit. She was actually expecting me to go more often than I do. She said the only reason the company would want a doctor's note is if I was to be on bedrest or work restriction. She said they were understanding that pregnant women have some needs (like getting up every hour to stretch and walk), and that she thinks that is perfectly normal.
Anyway, after answering my questions on being pregnant at work, she started asking me questions about my supervisor. She seemed really curious if I was being discriminated against, treated differently, or if I had any general complaints about my supervisor. What I did say was, "She doesn't treat me any different than she did before I was pregnant." Prior to my pregnancy she seemed to discriminate against me, so nothing has really changed. Now, I wish I would have said something, because I have people willing to back me up, and I keep a journal of what she does and says to me if it is negative or unfair. I don't think I have enough though. She seems to have issue with white people esp with white males. That is company known. Now that I have had time to think about it, I think the H.R. manager was digging for dirt on my supervisor. The company is trying to "clean house".
I wish I would have told her the things that were happening, but my review is coming up. I didn't want anything I say to H.R. to impact my review if it gets back to my supervisor.
DH thinks they are want to promote me when I get back from mat leave. My supervisor has done some pretty stupid things (like argue with the company President over a $100,000 mistake she is essentially responsible for).


Heather said...

A promotion would be so good for you! I hope it all works out!

CC said...

That's a tough one April. I went to H.R. to voice concerns about my supervisor and when my super found out, I was raked over the coals for it (nothing was improper or *emotional*, what I said) and said I was to either apologize to her or find a new job (my supervisor has/had issues, obviously) so I turned my resignation letter in the next day.

Maybe after your review you could go back to H.R. and explain why you waited to talk to them (about it affecting your review) - I'm sure they'd understand, esp. if they're trying to get her out anyways.

Good luck with it all!