Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A rare beautiful morning

This morning I awoke with James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" stuck in my head. I really love that song. I was really rather surprised to have it stuck in my head since it had been so long since I heard the song. I could hear it so clearly--like James Blunt was performing the song in my bedroom for me this morning. The harsh reality came when I opened my eyes to see two dogs anxious to go outside. Damn dogs, can't you wait five more minutes so I can enjoy my dream world?

For some reason having that song stuck in my head made it so much easier to get ready go my day. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, but hearing "You're Beautiful" playing in my head just made me smile all morning. I would just like to listen to the song over and over again. I don't even own the song.

My birthday is Tuesday, and since before Valentines Day I have been telling DH that I want the James Blunt CD. He just thinks I should download it from iTunes. I do not believe having the MP3 and owning the CD are the same thing. A CD is tangible. An MP3 could get lost, or easily deleted. Anyway, if DH doesn't get it for me, I don't care what our budget is--I will get it myself (my birthday present to myself).

I came home for lunch to see DH. That is rare, too. On the way back to work I heard the song "Trees" by Marty Casey. He was on the show Rockstar: INXS. It is the song he wrote on the show. I really like that show too. I was really rooting for Marty to win. I think he has such a great stage presence. I love his voice. I think the song kind of describe my relationship with DH.

This brings me to a new topic. There was a musician once who was criticizing society. The criticism said something to the effect of, the problem with society is the fact that people don't understand the music they are listening too. Rather they are just hearing the song, not really listening to the song. I find that DH does that. I love to listen to the song. I like to feel what the writer or singer is experiencing. I think music is so emotional. Those who hear songs and not listen to songs are out of touch with their emotions. I could really take this in so many directions.

I have some real issues with people. I can honestly admit that there have been points in my life where I have committed the same issues. I live with myself knowing that those things are in the past...I can overcome them and make my life better. Here are things I can’t stand about others: Hypocrisy, Believing they are a Victim, Liars, Backstabbers, Believing they are holier than thou. What really bothers me about it is they go through life thinking everyone else has the problem. Really I think it is them. I deal with these people everyday at work. They have no integrity in my mind.

Sorry to end on such a negative. Music just makes me go through so many things. Hmmmm…maybe I won’t end now this song has really got me into something.

I am listening to “Follow Through” by Gavin DeGraw. It is another one of my favorites. It reminds me of how I feel about my husband. I can’t help but smile when I hear the song. Let me see if I can think of the lines that touch my soul so much: “I haven’t felt like this in so many moons.” “Since you want to be with me, You’ll have to follow through with every word you say.” “All I really want is you, you to stick around. I’ll see you everyday, but you have to follow through.” “The words you say to me are unlike anything that’s ever been said.” I don’t want to type all the lyrics, but they really do touch me.

Which brings me to music and the baby—I haven’t really been listening to music as much as I did prior to cohabitating with DH. Music has always been more important to me than watching TV. DH watches a lot of TV. Anyway, I am praying that Meadow will have my sense of music enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong DH enjoys music—but he is way more selective than me. I enjoy a wide array of music. The only genre that doesn’t appease my ears is rap…

Being that I won’t have DH around all the time, I should take the time apart to get Meadow adjusted to all sorts of music. I hope she is in touch with her emotions as I am…

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CC said...

Most babies love music, so you can start her very young and play some of your favorites on a CD player in the nursery - that's what we do. Or we keep the laptop open and have iTunes running almost all day.

And as long as you cultivate a love of music with her, I'm positive Meadow will recieve it well, same with her emotions.