Saturday, April 01, 2006


DH and I went today to pick out a crib for the baby. USA Baby is having their Once a Trimester sale, so I thought we should go look to see what we would like. DH found something he really liked. I like it too, but it actually met all of his standards. Which are very high. MIL and FIL offered to buy the crib and dresser for us awhile ago. Once, he found something he liked he called MIL. Here is the crib we would like to ge
While we were checking out (mind you DH is on the phone) MIL brings up our choice of name. She HATES it. I knew that is what she was saying when I heard him say the following things, "Let's talk about this later." (we were in a public place) and "Now, it's really not your decision now is it?"

She thinks Meadow will get picked on, because of her name. I was so proud of DH, because he stood up to her for himself. He has liked the name since before we were dating. We have even talked about other options, but Meadow is what we feel is right. DH had a very good point though. Kids are cruel, and if they want to pick on you they will find something to pick on you for. MIL said to DH that she never got picked on. Later in the conversation he said she even picked on him. No wonder she never got picked on, she was probably the bully.

Both DH and I got picked on growing up. DH has a very common first name...and he got picked on for that. I got picked on for various things. Once my peers realized that what they were saying was not bothering me they tried to find a new topic. I have found that many times kids get picked on because the bully is jealous of the kid they are picking on.


Heather said...

Nice crib choice :) We got a convertable one too.

Don't let your MIL get to you about your choice of names - its YOUR baby and YOUR choice. Kudos to your DH for standing up for your choice.

Emily said...

I love your crib! I haven't even started looking at those yet but now I have the bug!

Trent and I decided not to tell anyone the name of our child until its born just so that we don't have to hear negative feedback. Once you actually name your child and its stuck maybe people will be less likely to criticize.