Monday, April 17, 2006

She is Dreaming

I am watching a movie. Dazie is laying next to me on the couch. As I am getting in the into the movie, I feel taps on my leg. I look at the dog, and all for legs are moving. She has been doing this for like 10 minutes. I am really wondering what she is dreaming about.

She either knows I am talking about her, or her dream ended. He eyes opened, and lifted her hed up. She looked at me. I couldn't tell from the look in her eyes what she was thinking. I wish I knew what she was thinking. Now she is searching for a new place to sleep. I wonder if it is bothering her taht I am blogging about her...

Or maybe she just wants to sleep peacefully.

BTW, pregnant women shouldn't be able watch dramas.

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CC said...

Amen to the dramas - I still can not watch TLC's a Baby Story. I cried before I was pregnant, cried harder when I was pregnant, and now if I watch it - forget it. It's ridiculous. I could turn it on at the very end, not know ANYTHING about the couple and still be a blubbering idiot. Bless it.