Saturday, April 22, 2006

Breastfeeding Class

I took a breastfeeding class, today. I am really glad I took it. I was slightly disappointed though. It was a full class--with younger looking mothers. I was suspecting this is the first child for most of us, and not a lot of questions were asked. I was really impressed with one father--he seemed more involved and interested than the mother.

We were told that the hospital does rent breast pumps, but there is a limited number. The instructor reccomended to breast feed only for the first week and then purchase a pump we would be comfortable with. The hospital also will get you a manual pump/kit when you are discharged. They bill it to you, but the lacation specialist said it is cheaper than buying it in the store.

It was really interesting to find out that there are many more benefits for the baby's health to breastfeeding. I knew breastfed kids have stronger immune systems, but I never imagined the overall cost savings in health care or formula. Also, they said that breastfed kids generally do better on tests.

I hope when I deliver the lacation specialist is at the hospital if I have more questions or have trouble. I am not sure if I will remember the positions then. She also reccomended using two pillows instead of a Boppy. This lady was all about pillows. She said put two under the baby, one under your arm that is supporting your breast and lean back. I guess we will see what works best for us. I got a pregnancy pillow, that is suposed to help with the breastfeeding positions. I am sure if I have any struggles, I will post them here.


Heather said...

Sounds like an informative class :)

I can't wait until we start our labour & delivery and breastfeeding classes next month!

Anonymous said...

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