Sunday, April 02, 2006

Week ends like this :)

The weather has been gorgeous. Friday, night we went to a couple of differnt neighbors' houses. We had such great conversation. It is the type of conversation I yearn for--Adult intellictual conversation. Across the street we had the best chocolate cake I had ever had. MMMMM.... OK, back to reality. Yesterday, we got the crib and dresser ordered. I can't wait to get it in. I really wish we could have the nursey done by now...and I guess that is more work DH will have to do on his own. I am praying that we get it in before the baby is born.

BIL came over for lunch yesterday. DH and BIL have never been close in the past, but now that they are both out of the house they get along great. I have yet to meet his GF. She didn't come yesterday, because she had to study.

I feel so great after this week end. I got to spend good quality time with good quality people.

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