Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Mother-in-Law (MIL). I was stressed out that there might be some rough water between MIL and me. I believe she thought we were trying to exclude her from the Meadow's life. I let her know that I want her here when I give birth (well, just not in the room). She asked if she could stay awhile after the baby is born. I was actually relieved she asked. MIL doesn't work, but I feel bad expecting her to help us out.

I actually called to tell her that DH is doing well at his job. He never calls when there is good news, only bad. I hope I can get him to change that. It really bothered me that they were in this fight over Meadow's name. They are both very stubborn people too. I am not going to be the peace maker between them.

I feel really good about the things we discussed. MIL has a flair for decorating, so she gave me some good tips (that I will actually use) for Meadow's room. We talked about the birthing plan and breastfeeding. Of course her coming here. She gave me advice on finding daycare. I am not really concerned about finding daycare though. I let her know that DH is very involved in preparing for Meadow. I think she feels at ease with us being parents now.

I know we will have good and bad times with the ILs but I am glad this is turning into a positive experience.

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