Monday, December 26, 2005

Potty Training

Sorry, I am such a lacky about writing in my blog. I really don't have a good excuse. I have never been good at journalling. I think about it all the time, but never get around to it.

Anyway, we got our puppy, Miischka, in October. With in 48 hours of having her, we find out she has a bladder control problem and worms. We get the worms taken care of and we think we have the bladder control problem taken care of...well sort of. At first the vet thought she had a bladder infection. The meds he put her on helped some what. At this point I understood that, she didn't have the concept of going potty outside. But, the poor pup was urinating on herself in her sleep. You could tell that she didn't have any notice that she had to go. She wouldn't sniff around to find a place, she would just go, and sometimes she wouldn't even squat. Anyway, DH sees another vet in the same practice. And he believes she has an incontinence problem, that she will probably have until her first cycle. So, she is on a steroid for that. It is really not helping anymore.

My In-Laws were here for Christmas. My MIL noticed that she was drinking a lot of water. Which lead her to believe the puppy may have diabetes and that is why she is urinating on herself in her sleep. Not only that, but we discovered this week end that the poor thing has some sores on her belly from urinating on herself.

I am really impressed, despite the health issues we have been having, with how far along she has come in potty training. After about a month, somehow she would tell our adult dog, Dazie, that she had to go potty, and Dazie would come tell us that they needed to go out. She does this by putting a paw or two in our lap to get our attention. Then, if you say "potty" to her she will go sit by the back door. I would let them out and watch. Dazie would stay on the deck and Miischka would go out in the yard to do what she needed to do. Within the past week Miischka has been telling us on her own that she has to go. I am so proud. And not only has she mastered letting us know she has to go out while she is awake, she learned "Sit" also. If you know anything about Siberian Huskies, they are hard to train. It is not because they are not intelligent, but they are extremely stubborn.

Well, I better get to bed. I need to call the vet tomorrow, since they were closed today. I really need to get Miischka tested for diabetes and to see how bad her sores on her belly are. I hope what ever she has it is treatable.

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