Sunday, December 11, 2005


OK, so this is something that has happened in the recent past. I wanted to blog about it that night, but I was too tired. Excuses, excuses, excuses. This story seems to be the story of my life.

I am constantly misplacing stuff. I could probably misplace less stuff if I was a better house keeper, but that is not who I am. Being that we live 1,000 miles from my family I have to ship their Christmas presents to them. My process was wrap all the presents that went to each address I needed to ship stuff to, put it in a box, fill with packing peanuts, tape box shut, and address the box. I had first completed my best friend and her daughter's package, but after I tore the house apart finding the packing tape. I went to start on my mom and brother's presents to find I have misplaced the skotch tape. How come it is that I can find one thing, and then immediately lose another? My patience were gone, so I just got a new roll of tape and continued, making sure that the packing tape and skotch tape were easy to get at all times.

The next morning I wake up, go into the living room, and laying on the floor is the original roll of skotch tape (the one I lost the night before). It was in such an obvious place. I had to be delirous not to see it if it had been there the whole time. My theory is going to be that one of the dogs walked off with it. There is no other logical explanation to me.

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