Friday, December 30, 2005

Reflections of 2005

There is a message board on iVillage I used to frequent and the community leader posted some questions that I thought would be good for me to ponder and reflect on.

What were your top 5 accomplishments for 2005?
1. Housebreaking my Siberian Husky puppy.
2. Got married.
3. Moved 1,000 miles away from my family.
4. Got pregnant.
5. Found a job after being laid off for a month and a half.

How have you grown? It has definately been a growth experience relocating so far from a familiar life, to one that seems very foriegn to me. I am experiencing culture shock. Which is odd, because I spent two weeks in France eight years ago, and did not experience culture shock. One thing I am learning is how to deal with close minded people. I am growing by learning how to deal with more difficult personalities.

What makes you feel proud about yourself? Watching my two dogs, and knowing they are healthy and well behaved, because of the care I give them. Spending time in my house, in a good neighborhood, and being able to afford the payments. Being loved by my husband. Not gaining any weight during my first trimester. I have been able to get around any obstacle in my life to get to my goal (I have overcome a lot of adversity and proven negative statics about my upbringing wrong---according to statistics I should not have went college)...So here is to setting awesome goals in 2006 to make me a better person, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

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CC said...

Sorry you're experiencing some culture shock from us southerners (we're not all close-minded, I promise!). Your goals for 2006 sound great - Happy New Year and I hope your pregnancy goes by really fast for you!