Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where is the joy?

I am so tired. Today, I woke up with a head ache that refuses to go away. DH and I are trying frantically to deep clean the house, as my in-laws are coming here for Christmas. I just don't think my DH understands how pregnancy can take a toll on a person. Especially, one who is not in the best physical shape. Anyway, with the head ache and tiredness I already pocess, he expects me to do the work that requires the most bending. Several times I feel like I am going to faint. I try to explain this to him, and he tells me to take my time and do what I can when I can. OK that is acceptable. Then, the next minute he is acting like I am not cleaning fast enough for him. Is it not enough that I am working 50+ hours a week and he is working 40? Does he care that he would have to work 64 hours a week to make what I do? I am on salary. I try to tell him that my body is warning me that I am doing too much, and that it would not be good for the baby if I faint...but I get no response. So, either he is ignoring me or he doesn't want to admit he is wrong to any degree.

This is the second major thing he has done to get under my skin since Thursday. Thursday, hmmmm...oh what a day. So, we have a terrible ice storm. He decided not to go into work. Fine, because he would have wasted gas going, because the plant didn't have power. He decides to take me to make sure I get there safely. Wow, this guy is really nice and cares. Anyway, after an hour at work the power goes out there, too. We wait for about an hour-hour and a half before getting the go ahead to go home. So, I call him. He picks me up and then complains that he is spending his day off "driving Miss Daisy." I have already been at a place I despise, wasted 2 and a half hours of my day to get that??? We get home to find out, that we also have no power. Which, is somehow my fault btw.

My neighbor works at a local hotel. They had a room left, so she called me to see if we would like it. DH said no, b/c we can't afford it. The hotel room would have cost at most $50. He ended up going out and borrowing a kerosene heater, and buying over $100 of supplies so we could survive until the predicted Tuesday. Tuesday, is when they predict the entire area will be up and completely running with electricty. After he gets us to where we can survive, he is then concerned about how the kerosene will affect the baby. What was wrong with the hotel? There would be no fumes to worry about, and they have wi-fi.

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